ABCs of Identity Theft

You know the Vonage Commercial?  With the Huge Bill?

Unfortunately, I had many experiences where I’d sue someone and it was the first time they’d ever heard of that huge bill.  Sadly, in most instances the perpetrator was either a former intimate partner or a relative.

Identity theft is covered by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA).  I’m here to educate and suggest, not to litigate.  But I need to let you know this:

It is not the consumer’s job to prove who stole their identity.  A lawyer with the backing of a big bank can do a heck of a better job than joe schmoe who just found out how his ex girlfriend paid for her shopping habit (oh those shoes!). It’s a consumer’s job to bring it to the attention of the bank as soon as reasonably possible.  The bank is allowed to investigate, because believe it or not a lot of false claims of identity theft are made.  But Cooperate in the Investigation!  Because if it’s a legitimate claim, most banks and collections agencies will get rid of it ASAP.

And for goodness sakes, if you discover you’re the victim through a collections letter, don’t send the generic demand for Verification!  See my post below – Failing to Get Heard.  Write that short, simple, sweet letter explaining what happened or at least what you think happened.


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