Broken Promises

1. Higher Education:  In the “new” economy, only one skill is taught in traditional degree fields that actually has relevance to the rest of the world: writing.  Does that really justify a $20k per year price tag plus living expenses?  Not in my book.  Am I a Scrooge when it comes to higher education?  I’d just rather see colleges invest in some innovative programs (JMU has a degree program in technical writing, for example) rather than their bottom line.

2. The Dream of Home Ownership: Just ask my family law clients who are now saddled with an albatross neither party really wants and neither can afford on a single income.  In the days of twenty percent down, which appears to evaporate overnight, house poor seems an expensive way to be non-responsive to economic changes like having to move for your job, or moving to get a job.   

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